When you are called upon to arrange a funeral it is our policy to assume as much of the responsibility as we can so that we may guide you through this difficult time. It is always better for you to contact our Funeral director as soon as possible. Calling our funeral home for the first time, we do appreciate that the first call can be difficult as people often don’t know where to start. Our staff will lead with with all the necessary questions and the call should be no longer than 5/7 minutes. At this time we will make a appointment for you to meet and sit with our Funeral Director or we can call to you so that you can talk more openly about your arrangements.

The funeral arrangements may take place in our funeral home or in the comfort of your family home, Whichever suits you best in the circumstances. Our funeral director will sit down with you at your preferred time and guide you through all the necessary steps and inform you of all the necessary steps and all available choices, and listen and advise you on how to personalise this occasion. The arrangements will take as long as necessary for our Funeral Director to guide you through what needs to be done. An hour is a reasonable timescale to expect